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Deco Pillow

Deco Pillow


These 45×45 cm | 17.71x17.71 In pillows are the perfect complement to our Belgium-crafted oak benches, their understated elegance and minimalist aesthetic make them a versatile addition to any space, with or without the bench.


Seamless Shipping with Your Oak Bench: If you're enhancing your oak bench purchase with these pillows, rest assured, they will be included in the same shipment. There's no additional waiting time – the pillows will simply join your bench on its journey to you. This means they will adhere to the same lead time and shipping schedule as your bench, ensuring a coordinated and efficient delivery of your complete order.


Independent Purchase Shipping Time: Alternatively, if you choose to purchase these pillows separately, they are ready to embark on a swift journey to your doorstep. For standalone pillow orders, the delivery time is approximately 1 week. This quick turnaround ensures that even without the bench, these pillows will be gracing your space in no time.

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