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Thomas De Jonckheer


Thomas De Jonckheer, is an Antwerp-based interior and furniture designer,

with a passion for conceptual architectural visualizations.

He completed his bachelor after bachelor degree in furniture design in 2020,

The previous year he graduated with a professional bachelor's in interior architecture.

His designs are distinguished by their focus on materialization, the influence of spaces,

and a commitment to minimalism and no-nonsense design decisions.

Each creation exemplifies purity and simplicity, devoid of unnecessary complexity.

This approach, coupled with meticulous attention to detail

"a skill honed from his background in carpentry"

allows Thomas to emphasize perfection in every project

Thomas his main focus currently lies in furniture and object design,

creating pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing

but also imbued with personal and practical significance.

Each product designed and sold by Thomas is handcrafted in his workshop in Belgium,

ensuring a unique, artisanal quality.

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Contact for press inquiries, Design Services
in Architecture and Interior Design /  Visualizations
and furniture design.

Are any other questions.

Contact info:
Call:  +32 4 8607 3923
Instagram: @studio_dejonckheer

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